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As an independent agency, we provide Commercial Truck Insurance coverage from multiple insurance carriers giving you various options to choose from. Contact us for the right coverage for your Commercial Truck Insurance coverage needs.

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As an independent agency, we provide Commercial Van Insurance coverage from multiple insurance carriers giving you various options to choose from. Contact us for the right coverage for your Commercial Van Insurance coverage needs.

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BUSINESSOWNERS POLICY / BOP A policy that combines property, liability and business interruption coverages for small- to medium-sized businesses. Coverage is generally cheaper than if purchased through separate insurance policies

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 PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE Covers professionals for negligence and errors or omissions that injure their clients.

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Commercial airlines hold property insurance on airplanes and liability insurance for negligent acts that result in injury or property damage to passengers or others. Damage is covered on the ground and in the air. The policy limits the geographical area and individual pilots covered.

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Institute cargo clauses are attached to a type of marine insurance that covers cargo in transit. These clauses are to specify what items in the cargo are covered should there be damage or loss to the shipment. Institute cargo clauses can cover everything from the cargo itself to the container that holds it to the mode of transportation used to ship it. There are three basic sets of institute cargo clauses; A, B, C. Just like you are able to get insurance on smaller, domestic packages; bulk freight is insured too. These clauses were developed by the International Chamber of Commerce as a means of insurance for cargo while it is being shipped from the original location to its final destination. Just like auto insurance, the higher premium you pay the more coverage you get. The three clauses are briefly described the same way: – Institute Cargo Clause A is considered the widest insurance coverage and you should expect to pay the highest premium because you are asking for total coverage. – Institute Cargo Clause B is considered a more restrictive coverage and you should expect to pay a moderate premium because perhaps you are only requesting the more valuable items in your cargo to be covered or only partial cargo coverage. – Institute Cargo Clause C is considered the most restrictive coverage and you will probably pay the lowest premium but your cargo coverage will be much less. Each of the institute cargo clauses are reserved for goods in transit. The items being shipped are considered goods in transit when they have departed the original location and are in transit to the final destination. When goods are insured during transport, whether it be by land, air or sea; it means that if the cargo is damaged or lost during transit it will be refunded or replaced to whichever party held the “technical” ownership. For instance, the receiver of the shipment may not claim it on their inventory until it is actually received in which case the shipper still holds ownership. Should the insured cargo be damaged, the shipper will receive the benefits of the insurance for their goods and the purchaser will be issued a refund. Having the cargo insured is a win-win for both parties.

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The transportation industry is vital to the health of our economy, responsible for transporting people, products and goods throughout our country. There are many types of businesses that fall under the auspices of the industry, each with their own complex and dynamic risks depending on the services they provide, the geographic territory and clients they serve, and many other factors. In addition, a heightened regulatory environment, including anticipated new rules for truckers and fleet owners by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that covers driver coercion, hours of service, driving training and other issues, is set to put more pressure on businesses as they face greater exposures.
Coverages Provided

We provide you with a broad spectrum of insurance coverages depending on the risk.
                                              This includes but is not limited to: 
Auto Liability                                                                             Physical Damage
Motor Truck Cargo                                                                        Truckers General Liability
Non-Trucking/Bobtail Liability                                               Contingent Cargo
Combined Deduc
tibles                                                        Towing Outside the Limits
Rental Reimbursement                                                   
Refrigeration Breakdown
Preferred Cargo Forms                                                               Excess Coverages

Non Fleet & Fleet Specialty 
 Endorsements Available for: Additional Insureds, Waiver of Subrogation, Extended Physical Damage & Spoilage Coverage Who We Cover: Business Auto, Trucking, Cargo & Fleets

EXELLION GROUP specialize in the following risks:

Adult Daycare Vans          Airport Shuttles                      Auto Haulers                         Bloodmobiles
Bookmobiles                           Buses                                               Contractors                        Couriers        Daycare Vans                          CDL and non-CDL Driver Training Schools              Dump Truck Operations  Food Truck          Frack Water Haulers                      Guided Tours                Hazardous Materials Haulers    Household Goods Movers               Limousines Local and Interstate Charter Buses             Loggers    Mobile Arcades    Mobile Health Units          Mobile Home Toter's           Non-Emergency Vehicles   Public Liver        School Buses            Shuttles Sight-Seeing Buses/Trolleys        Social Service Units  
 Van Pools Wreckers And Many More.

Any radius is accepted with most any commodity considered.
We also have markets For Difficult -to- place drivers and New Ventures.

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